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Playing races with the funniest birds thanks to this new game

By Sam James

On Friday, June 13, 2014

Tih game is the first racing game of the popular game series Angry Birds, unlike other games in the series, this time the pigs were not attacked (or birds) in this release will compete, as the game will be Kart Racing. The game was released on December 11, 2013, and was released in New Zealand on November 26, 2013.

So far we know that will be available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10. Though be available for the Ipod 4, the game fails.

It is the first game with 3D perspective and 4th in allowing the use of pigs as Angry Birds Star Wars II will feature Telepods, this time with birds that can teleport to the game. Also made a "Countdown" application for credits before the actual game is played, there your Telepods tested and make "bets" to get credits.

The story begins when pigs do a competition on the island, the birds are watching from a corner and suspect something. If you run in 3rd. Instead, you get a used old tennis, if you run in the 2nd. Instead, an apple, and in the 1st. takes place enormous tempting cake (very similar to Another Birthday) captivated by the tremendous prize, birds are released into where are the pigs, and ask if you let these compete, knowing what would happen if they were not allowed The not very happy pigs let them compete, while pigs are willing to go the cake.


  • It is a 3D game
  • available for all mobile devices


  • many of the features of the game require purchases
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The birds pissed Rovio karts are passed Angry Birds Go!

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Thursday, February 4, 2016

he first thing that catches the attention of the new Rovio is its condition marked free-to-play, which affects the whole experience right from the tutorial, where we will be introduced in both gameplay mechanics as the use of different elements we will use in our frantic adventure. And it is that if we decided not to spend a dime on micro-payments, have to deal with several aspects unkind to the player; then it will be when we decide to invest a minimum of real money or accept the freemium conditions. The main element of pay Angry Birds Go! the crystals, which act as premium currency in the game and will serve to get our winged pilots or enjoy certain advantages in the race, among other things.

So, after participating in a series of races, our pilot will need to recover an energy bar which will be gradually emptying. When that happens, either we turn to another pilot previously unlocked or wait a while to finish filling it; a typical free-to-play element that makes an appearance in Angry Birds Go! And it is in this case not working as expected, since the career development does not accompany too. Again and again we participate in the same type of tests, meeting the same objectives and participating in unattractive challenges while trying to collect as many coins as possible, that will enhance our kart and acquire new ones.

A typical development within the genre but in this case neither is well balanced and invites us to keep playing again and again. So much so that the feeling of doing the same thing every race invade us from the beginning; some scenarios are varied and their small number, even the power-ups are so limited as little showy. May occur within minutes is a surprising and curious title He is the first three-dimensionally Angry Birds but soon we will see all it has to offer, which is not much. Perhaps the smallest of the house-attracted by the phenomenon itself Angry Birds- find reasons to play occasionally, but the other players surely will eventually return to the traditional titles of the franchise.

In terms of gameplay it is equally limited; The interface is very simple but can choose from two configurations: one using less precise and chaotically something other way accelerometer and direction icons on either side of the screen. The set comes complete with the action icon will activate the special ability of each driver and, as at the top, the pause icon, progress bar career and our score. Everything we do in the races will move, rotate and use our free, one power-up, the rest by Premium- crystals while complying with different challenges depending on the type of race. Objectives and down buildings, blow all kinds of fruit, beat an opponent in versus challenges or reach the goal before the burning wick on a trial so frantic.

And again and again and again ... until our driver gets tired and need to rest; It is certainly not the most appropriate development for a title that aims to engage the player and amuse. Which itself is interesting is in its visual presentation, bringing to the Angry Birds universe quite rightly dimensional plane, despite maintaining his long feature cartoon personality intact. Thus, the birds passed Rovio racing karts in the call Cerdiña Island, a colorful and full of surprises in which the characters of the series will compete to be the fastest place; Angry Birds fans will have the most popular characters in the series as Red, Chuck, Wake, Terence and even the King Pig or Whiskers, each recreated in 3D and with their own karts.


  • Control is simple but effective
  • Entertaining and fun cartoon look


  • Little variety of objectives and challenges
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birds of a feather flock together, flap your wings and fly

By Kevin Kimaita

On Monday, September 1, 2014



This is a another editions of the angry bird series.It is developed by two comapnies namely Exient entertrainment and Rovio entertainment.The only difference between angry birds go and angry birds is that in angry brirds go the birds do not try to kill each other.In angry birds game one can move their mobile devices depending on how they want thier mini racing cars to move.If the player chooses the tilt option in the game they must tilt their mobile phones in the desired direction.Alternativleythey can also choose in the game touch whereby the player taps either left or right on the screen for the mini racing cars to move in the desired directions of their desired directions.


The game has the following features;

has different modes of play.

one gets powerups when they collect coins during the game.

one can race either as a bird or a pig its for a player to choose.


The following are the minimum system requirements for angry birds go incude the following;

android version 2.3 or later

ram 512mb

cpu 1 GHZ


Angry birds have continued to bring better versions and games as new series come up.


  • Is fun and very enjoyable
  • you are able to earn boostd


  • it can be very addictive.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • it is my favourite game and by downloading in this website is very easy thank you for asking this question to me so soon i will download more angry birds games

  • To enjoy the game and play with my friends. It will be awesome and very fun. I will not use it for any other purpose so please let me downlaod

  • personal use for myself and my family and what elsedo you expect me to say this is a ridicolous require,met u have here really just let me donwload

  • I need an angry birds game.almost all previous versions had been played by me.i found this game well and suitable for i want to download it

  • so my grandson can play the game as he loves angry birds to play at his leisure when not in school and give him something to do when bored ok

What similar programs have you used?
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  • real racing three,very interstig game its feels so real when you on a track with other players.the graghics are so clear pictures aer also clear

  • beach buggy racing is a nice game and having better graphics then it but comparsion of team playing and party this game is best thank you for reading

  • sorry i dont use any but my cousin used too have angry birds go on his i pad and i played it afew times and i think its fun so please let me download it thank you

What do you like most about this program?
  • this is very helpfull for us.The best download speed.File is free of spyware and viruses.You are about to download Angry Birds GO! 1.6.3 from our server Advantages:


  • It is very user friendly, and interesting for Kids to play and time pass. th do ntot read any more and doing nothing all the day. Do not comp

  • it has exciting features, gathering birds, going ahead of time, the thunders are great - they recharge so I can use them again and again for playing levels

  • beautifully programmed full of good features, different platform, good graphics and sound enhancement, i would lo promote to friends ike too


Angry Birds GO! is the latest release in the famous saga Angry birds. Developed by Rovio, the mechanics of this installment have changed from previous versions. Now, your objective isn't to destroy pigs and their buildings, but rather compete in a racing kart. The game is set in a 3D version of Piggy Island, making it the first 3D installment of the saga. This is also the fourth version in which pigs are playable characters. You will have the possibility of upgrading your karts and getting unique powers for your characters.

Your objective isn't to destroy pigs and their buildings, but compete in a racing kart

The story begins when the pigs decide to race in a competition on Piggy Island. The Chronicler Pig decides the prizes: third place wins shoes, second place wins an apple, and first place wins a huge cake. Birds are watching the competition, and they want to eat the cake, so they ask to join the race. A bit afraid of the birds, the pigs reluctantly decide to let them race.

A thousand and one ways to play

When you play Angry Birds GO! you have several game modes to play. Race is the main mode, and you have to race against seven other drivers. At first, the other competitors are pigs, but as you unlock other characters, these will be added to the race. In Versus, you will face just one other racer and the objective is to win to get a small quantity of coins. Champion Chase is the most difficult mode, but the one which gives more rewards. Here you have to compete against the track's main character, which will be unblocked if you win the race three times.

Time Boom has no coins or gems on the track, but if you complete it you can win a huge amount. The objective is to complete the track in a limited amount of time, but the track is full of obstacles made of wood or glass, etc. Finally, you can play Fruit Splash that, as its name says, is about splashing fruit. You have to compete against other drivers to get as many fruit as you can before they do.

Angry Birds GO! 1.6.3 Features

Here you can see the main features of Angry Birds GO!:

  • Lots of character to unlock and play: Stella, Red, Bubbles, King Pig, Bomb, Corporal Pig, Chuck, Minion Pig, Terence and so on
  • Each character has its own powers: dropping bombs, blowing bubbles, flying, etc.
  • Many cars to race with: Soda Pop Sedan, Mega Rocket, Tub-Copter, Beep Beep, Royal Rumbler, Big Bang, etc.
  • Five regular and one special game modes (Jenga mode, unlocked by purchase) to play
  • Telepods to summon different karts
  • Multiplatform: available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry

If you are interested in Angry Birds GO! and you want more information before you download the app, feel free to visit the .

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and use this app on your Android device are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread or newer version
  • Free Space: 168 MB space available

If you want to download the app to your iOS device, the minimum system requirements are:

  • Operating System: iOS 6.0 or newer version
  • Free Space: 97.7 MB space available