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By Frank Kanyua

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Now that afterlight has been introduced instagram has found a new competitor.Afterlife offers various option not found in instagram.Though instagram is still on the advantageous side because it is free.Afterlife has the snap and share option,where you have the option to take a photo and share it immidietly.The application also has a large number of tools to choose from,where you can edit,crop,rotate,tint and do anything you want to with the photo youve taken.The application also has gravity sensors where when to rotate the phote the screen features toggle from potrait to land scape modes.This feature is not found in instagram.

There is also an aditional feature where you can purchase other tools to edit the image you have just taken.You can also choose photos from a wide array of sources like the gallary etc..This application is generally photoshop in a mobile version


iOS 5.0 or higher

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Maybe in future afterlight will beat instagram in the market but as far as it remains not free it will never get close to instagram.Basically i stopped using it so go figure.


  • Has a wide selection of editing tools
  • Can toggle to landscape mode


  • it is not free to use
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • im going to edit my photos with afterlight because i think that there is so many effects and this is kinda nice! also i have this program on my old phone


Afterlight is a mobile application available for iOS used to edit your photos with a wide variety of filters and editing tools. With this download, you will be able to enhance the quality and appearance of your pictures, as well as share them in the Internet. Just like Instagram, Afterlight lets you upload your images to the Net so everyone can see them.

Afterlight is meant to be a clear competitor to Instagram, with the difference being that this application is not free. Nevertheless, it's worth the price regarding its performance, as along with its filters it has one of the best quality cameras nowadays, similar to the iPhone version. Also, Afterlight not only offer you filters, but also has more than thirty textures as well as crop, brightness, exposure, tones, etc. editing tools.

As it is also available for iPad and iPod Touch as well as iPhone, so you can enjoy Afterlight in landscape mode in larger devices, while the iPhone version remains in portrait mode, unlike in Instagram, where you can’t turn the screen horizontal. Besides the main filters that come with the download, you can also enjoy the new in-app purchase option and have free access to more than ten new filters.

You can take a snapshot or grab images from the camera roll
You can take a snapshot or grab images from the camera roll

How is this software

When you launch Afterlight, you will see the camera automatically, ready to take a snapshot, or if you prefer you can choose the images you want in the Camera Roll. Afterlight’s camera is similar as the current iOS version, with the same settings and the possibility of switching between the front and the back camera. The camera also has a timer integrated to take snapshots automatically. Afterlight saves all the images you took with the app camera, so you can decide what you want to edit if you go to the specific folder.

Afterlight’s design is intuitive and simple, with six buttons at the bottom. The first one on the left is an undo option for undoing what you created in case you don’t like it. The following option is the adjustment option, with many tools to change temperature, brightness, exposure or tones. You can change all these settings thanks to sliders in each option.

It contains forty filters to apply, fifty textures to add and seventy-five frames for your images

The third button, represented by the Afterlight icon, is where the filters are. It contains more than forty filters to apply, divided into two different groups: in the first there are more than twenty filters (27), although some of them will have to be unlocked to use them, and 13 additional filters created by Instagram users.

Afterlight also contains three different groups of textures, including more than ten dust textures and more than thirty light leak effects created with 35mm film. The fifth button gathers the necessary tools to crop, resize or rotate your image. The last option is where the frames are. There are more than seventy frames to add to your photos. When you have finished editing your images, you can tap the ‘Done’ button to share your creation on a wide variety of social networks.

Use the adjustment tools to edit the size of your picture
Use the adjustment tools to edit the size of your picture

Afterlight 2.1 Features

The main features that Afterlight includes are:

  • Forty filters available to apply to images: 27 of them are originals from the app while 13 are created by Instagram users
  • Afterlight contains 50 textures, from dusty effects to light leaks textures
  • Seventy-five frames to add to images
  • There are many adjustment tools to customize your pictures: you can change the tone, the temperature, the brightness, etc.
  • Rotate, resize and flip tools for a better editing
  • Afterlight offers sharing options for Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Flickr or Instagram

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Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and install this application are:

  • iOS 5.0 or higher
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch