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BlackBerry Messenger, a multi-platform chat application to use for all your chatting

By Reka Gimbi

On Thursday, February 12, 2015

There is a mobile phone called Blackberry and so there is a chat application called Blackberry Messenger. Developed by Blackberry this application is for Blackberry devices but it is a multi-platform meaning you can download and use it for any mobile OS. This application was here even before whats-app and whats-app took over but Blackberry updated its application to be a multi-platform making it accessible by all operating systems. With this application you can send free messages, videos and voices and also icons. It has a very simple and intuitive design so it is easy to use. When you download it you are given a Blackberry ID which is your PIN Code. With this code you can add contacts and so it identifies you from other users, then you are now open to use this application in sending free messages both text and voice, receive chat notifications and all the rest. You can also create up to 30 participating chat groups. You also can enjoy chatting through this app by sending the funny icons it includes within your chat group. It is also compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

It is a good application to have since you can share instant messaging and multimedia contents plus emoticons.


  • Send free text and voice messages
  • Can create up to 30 participating chat groups
  • It is a multi-platform service


  • It has no VOIP services
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Have A Wider And Easy Connection With Your Loved Ones!

By Beatrice Tan

On Monday, September 1, 2014

I felt isolated when I was still using the first version of the Blackberry messenger since I am only connected with my family and friends who has the same device. It was helpful but it was limited. But then the new version came and I was amazed because of the features that would really make every user love this application.

This new version of the Blackberry messenger now covers a wider range of connection since it has become a multi platform application which means users are able now to connect with friends who use different phone system. Now, I have lots of contacts on my blackberry device which I really find awesome. The design is simple making it very user- friendly. Aside from sending messages, videos or voice files for free, I can also create chat groups that could reach up to 30 people, reaching all of my friends in just a click away. Adding contacts is also easy. It’s done by searching for users IDs or scanning QR codes. I really find Blackberry messenger a very helpful tool in getting connected with my loved ones.

I have suggested this already to my family and friends. This application is excellent and it really works well for me.


  • Can send a message up to 30 people at once
  • It is user- friendly and easy to use


  • Sometimes can’t find user ID
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Blackberry Messenger will get you connected and enable commuication at no cost with your loved ones

By Frank Kanyua

On Monday, September 7, 2015

Blackberry is a very strangely unique phone since it doesn't use android neither java. i may be wrong but as proof when you download a game you will find a java, android and a blackberry version. Tracking a blackberry phone is also very hard. but enough of me telling you what blackberry has. In the recent years chatting sites have pop up everywhere from Skype, Facebook ,whats app and many others. Now some of this don't have versions which can be supported by the blackberry so other developers went in and built an app that is supported by blackberry.

This app is very much like the other but it has some additional feature. Blackberry users were always complaining on being left behind. The app allows blackberry users to communicate very easily and rumor has it that the app will be made in a way that it will be able to send messages to other non blackberry apps.

The app is represented by the message sign and the upgrade has a sign of two message signs. The installation is very easy and the app itself has many tools inside. You can capture a photo and sent it in a click and it is set to compress your image before it sends it so as to reduce the data usage. The app also has an auto finder so just in case you loose your phone it can give out a signal and you can use a computer to locate it. When a message comes in the app the blackberry will either start vibrating or light up . this is not always the case since most feature will need to be configured manually..


the blackberry messenger has many promising features but the only thing is that it is limited to black berry users only.


  • Very many tools in the app
  • very easy to install and use


  • Only black berry to black berry
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for receiving messages,videos,news,sports news,new apps,shop keepers,television stations,cartoon movies,documentarys,films and many more school funds

  • chatting, video call, video chat, meeting new friends, exchanging pictures, changing personal message, birthday wishes, information, individual life progress, fashion, showcasing hair style

  • just for fun and want to go the new version of blackberry masanger if you know is very long character to download this program and i almost spend my think yes i crazy

  • I wii use this program for sharing photos videos and chatting with my friends and family and learning more about blackberry phone devices that's all

  • i want to download this blackberry messanger for chating purpose and for business development. it is also handy app and most favorite for me.

What similar programs have you used?
  • to chat easily on my blackberry. I need a chat avenue that is instant and straight forword. thank you very much. have been looking for this type long time.

  • I have used whatsapp facebook nimbuzzz mxit , and I want to use it to chat more with my friends who doesn't use all othEr social media I am on ,that only uses bbm

  • i ave used version whatsapp,facebook and twitter,Instagram and 2go i really enjoyed them,i need this current black berry messenger to be able to send message faster to family and friendso

  • i have used programs like Facebook,Twitter, and whatzapp and willing to use BlackBerry messenger because it is one of the best social network in the device

  • ihave used programs like facebook,twitter,and whatsapp and willing to use Blackberry messenger becouse it is one of the best social networks in the devices

What do you like most about this program?
  • easy communication clear pictures connect more to people just love my blackberry easy chart good internet important we can make group discussion and discuss something important

  • What i like about this program is that there are no humiliation and it is easy to send messages to our friends and family,it sends the massages quickly

  • what I like most in this program is to chat wit different people around the world, and also to learn more about blackberry because I love it

  • I like its interface which is so good. Not only this but there are so many other advantages like we can use it in Android, Blackberry & iPhone at a time.

  • it give me smile and my mind become clever to thing bout it because i need my life to go through not to stand in one position and tell people about something they help


BlackBerry Messenger is the classic chat application for BlackBerry devices that is now multi-platform. With this download, no matter which phone you own, it can be used on any mobile OS. This app allows you to send free messages, icons, videos and voice files from your Android, iPhone and BlackBerry devices, just by having the application installed.

Years ago, when WhatsApp did not yet exist, BlackBerry Messenger was one of the most popular instant messaging applications on the market. Later, other popular competitors started to shine, and it was pushed into the background. It has finally changed the way it performs.

BlackBerry Messenger has released a multi-platform application to access any operating system, and the most popular mobile platforms. Additionally, thanks to this release, BlackBerry users will no longer be isolated, since now they will be able to chat with a wider range of people.

It presentes an intuitive and simple design
It presentes an intuitive and simple design

How is this software

When you download and run this software on your Android or iPhone you receive a PIN code –which is actually your new BlackBerry ID, used to add contacts and identify you from other users. After that, you can send free text and voice messages, videos and pictures, as well as receive chat notifications in real time, as any other messaging app would do.

Developers have released a multi-platform application to access any operating system and most popular mobile platforms

This app also lets you create chat groups with up to 30 participants, in which you can send calendar meetings, multimedia content and messages. It has a wide list of funny icons that you can send to your contacts in conversations. Although it lacks in VoIP service included in other apps like Skype or Viber, this software allows users to communicate as any available chat client. Plus, it allows you to add your contacts by searching user IDs or by scanning a QR code.

As other instant messaging apps, you can share media, messages and emoticons
As other instant messaging apps, you can share media, messages and emoticons

BlackBerry Messenger Features

The features BlackBerry Messenger include are:

  • You can send free text and voice messages, as well as multimedia content and your current location
  • Multiplatform service available for Android and iPhone
  • You can create chat groups of up to 30 participants
  • You can add contacts after receiving their ID via different methods: by scanning your QR code or by searching IDs
  • A wide list of icons to add to your conversations
  • Share your calendar meetings with your contacts

If you want to know more about BlackBerry Messenger, take a look at the author’s website here .

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to properly download and install this application are the following:

  • Android 4.0 or higher
  • iOS 6.0 or higher
  • This software is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • BlackBerry 4.3 or higher