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loosing an iphone can be a pain in the back, but that is now the past when you use this

By Frank Kanyua

On Monday, June 1, 2015

There is always this nagging feeling that your phone might get lost any minute or any time. Most of the times it might be stolen or maybe you left it on the bus sit, when getting off. Losing the phone isnt the greatest worry but regaining all the content that you had stored in the phone is most often than not, your biggest concern.

Worry not app developers have made life abit easier by introducing developing phone trackers. The apps just install like any other application and await instructions. Some trackers aint all that friendly since they will actually try to do more than track, some will try to read your emails and some may even introduce a key logger to your system. Other trackers are also very cleverly designed that they trick your phone into thinking that they are also part of the default apps and refuse to uninstall.

Iphone has launched its own iphone tracker whick comes with most of the iphones. All you need to do is to just sign up with an email account so that anytime your phone gets lost you can simply log in and see exactly where it is. Not only can it track but it also has additional features. If your phone had vital information which you dont want to loose you can first lock it while online then track its location. maybe a good person had found it and you may mistake them for being thieves. the app is so nice since it actually doesnt start until you tell to start, You can also decide to format your whole phone even if you aint near it..


The app is the kind that are defined as wizwyg it doesnt offer you any ads or any more apps to support itself. it will track, format or lock your phon incase of any emergency.


  • the app gives exact locations
  • The app comes default with some iphones


  • your phone has to be powered on
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I want to search for my lost iphone its been stolen and i dont have any other options than too find this App Please help me to find my iphon

  • find iPhone somewhere in house because I can;t locate it and I have looked everywhere. I am very pleased that this program exists. Please bless

  • Because to safe my iPhone 6 from thief. so I want this software. Please, I would like to Download it. Thank you very much for reading my message.

  • to locate my lost iphone because it was stolen and i came across this website that allows you to download on a pc so it was useful to mee gfdgdfg

  • For my iphone 4, to track in a case of loose. And this requirement to give some explanation really sucks. if you guys want to give something

What similar programs have you used?
  • None. Didn't realize anything else that was available that could be used on iPhone. If you are aware of other cimilar programs please let me know.

  • i did not tried any applications or programs up to now. please help me get this application so that i will use it to try if it is working to

What do you like most about this program?
  • its because of security and safety, my iphone 4 based on ios 7 does not support the newer version. so do not have other choice except downloading this.


Find my iPhone is a free mobile app which offers you protection when your phone is lost or stolen. With this download, your device will be kept safe and protected against thieves. Developed by Apple, this software lets you register your mobile and automatically start locating your phone and keeping its track.

Apple is the creator of some of the best devices on the market at the moment, so we can imagine how hard is to lose these kind of hardware devices—they are not really cheap. Although they have a powerful built-in security system, you would still be in trouble if you found yourself in that situation. Fortunately, this software helps you find your phone thanks to a remote control.

Undoubtedly, one of the most remarkable features of Find my iPhone is the fact that is free; you will be able to find your mobile device if you lose it, without paying anything. Plus, thanks to its recently integrated iCloud support, you can track your phone from your computer.

When you run the software it will start locating your device
When you run the software it will start locating your device

How does it work?

If you lose your device you have to sign in at iCloud or use the Find my iPhone app. When you download and run the program you will see a map that will show the location of your phone. After that you can lock your screen, since the software has four different security steps to insure other people can’t access your information.

This software helps you find your phone thanks to a remote control

Find my iPhone has three different ways of providing a safe and secure service. First of all, the Play Sound mode, in which the software makes a sound—even if it is in silent mode—in case you misplace it in some place. The Lost Mode allows you to lock its screen remotely with a password, write a message, and if someone finds it he can call you to get it back to you. It also allows you to see where the device has been in the last 24 hours thanks to a map. Last but not least, the Erase iPhone feature allows you to remove all your content and your settings from your device to prevent anyone accessing any of your data.

It tells you the exact location of your phone
It tells you the exact location of your phone

Find My iPhone 3.0 Features

The main features Find my iPhone includes in its latest update are the following:

  • Play Sound option for two minutes—even if your device is in silent mode—to let you find where you left it
  • Lost Mode: in this option the software first locks your screen with a four-digit password, writes a message, informs you of the full status of your phone, and tracks where your device has been in the last 24 hours
  • Free Activation Lock option for when your phone has been erased and stolen
  • Remote erase option to remove all important data from your mobile
  • iCloud supported for localizing your phone remotely from your computer (iCloud account required)
  • Find my iPhone also indicates to you the battery status of your device

If you want to know more about this Apple app, check the developer’s website .

System requirements

The minimum system requirements to download this application are the following:

  • IOS 7.0 or higher
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch