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Latest issue of the spectacular saga automobile. Enjoy the speed

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, February 26, 2016

The first paragraph where we see a performance of the highest level is in excellent simulation that boasts the title. Under a level unprecedented visual realism, we enjoy one of the best automotive simulations we have ever seen. Thousands of data are processed in real time by Xbox One for the car to behave as realistically as possible and we feel therein with its excellent view from the cockpit. If that sense of realism we add a set of perfect internal damage and 15 truly competitive and credible rivals thanks to Drivatar, the gaming experience offered by Forza 5 is the best till date. Something that is favored by the perfect use of the new Xbox One controller immersive and always use the steering wheel to enjoy the real competition, although flyers Xbox 360 will not be compatible with Xbox One.

Despite all these developments, Forza Motorsport 5 presents major shortcomings as a whole. The 14 circuits available, despite its variants, are a very small number of paths that will inevitably be repeated. Another important factor is the level required are cars. Despite its excellent interior and exterior finish, and with impeccable Forza Vista to enjoy them like never before had done, the only 200 cars are a limited number of vehicles. Even with this so few options for Forza 4 or Gran Turismo 6 number, Forza Motorsport 5 has a lot of internal and external elements of personalization without being revolutionaries in the Forza franchise, will enable us to enjoy for hours preparing and customizing our car.

Regarding game modes, Career Mode, despite having an open system that gives freedom to the player, shown somewhat unfortunate for his lighter proposal. If to this we add the possibility of buying experience and credits with micropayments, we have a game mode that can be ninguneado simply investing some money in buying a number of competitive cars. Despite all the online multiplayer mode for up to 16 players seem competitive and split screen ensures many hours of fun in the company of a friend. With all these virtues and defects, Forza Motorsport 5 playable level is the best driving simulator we've ever tested, although few cars and their paths, and an unfortunate career mode, you do not keep up in the series.


  • The sense of speed is a marvel.
  • The simulation to new heights of realism.


  • 14 circuits with their variables are a very small number of paths for a title of this magnitude.




For what are you going to use the program?
  • To play and make a good score, which cannot be broken by anybody and no one should come near my scores. Then I will be number One in this game.

  • i will use the program for my own enjoyment and personal entertainment.i play by myself all the time plus i like racing games and this one is my favorite

  • for playing as new cars with fast racing and hd graphics makes it very googd enough to i love like mclarenp1 koinigsegg one or agera and most hennessy venom gt

  • for fun this is my main reason but i also want to lern about the tracks and cars involved in the game like audi bmw koenigsegg lamborginie and

  • I'm going to use this program for gaming and for fun I love racing games and i have seen many youtubers play Forza Motorsport 5 and it looks like an amazing game

What similar programs have you used?
  • none first time used to play in playstation 3 now i play on pc and sometimes on xbox one but i really hate writing i hope ur download works or i will ddos this website

  • grand theft auto mod installer,blue stacks and share it are similar programs i have used since the day i bought my brand new hp laptop core i

  • Didnt not get the question. But wanna really play this game. Kind of newbie . So even though i know its not easy and safe to download, go all a

  • downloading forza motorsport on google play and appstore and purchasing the free demo and a lot of programs that ask me to play need for speed

  • none of similiar programs and i used diffrent programms like noobs from mars or was it moon i dont remember also there was harry potter the freak

What do you like most about this program?
  • i like cars about this program licks mobile good apps 99 hack bad kike what why how who do could full motor sport android windows control window

  • free downloads that are quick and can be accessible anytime and updated regularly and also this is also the best program when compared to ada

  • you can download anything i love it so much i dont know what i would do without it in my life its amazing its super awesomeand it show great

  • it gives one the adrenalin edge behind the steering wheel. You get to feel the actual driving experience as though you are in a real racing mode.

  • Super fun and I love forza. Driving is so much better with the great game. Recommended for everybody and has high graphics. So excited to play. Thanks.


Forza Motorsport 5 is a racing game developed by Turn 10 Studios for Xbox One consoles. This is one of the first exclusive titles launched for Microsoft’s console. Forza has received positive reviews overall, which is not surprising given that it is part of a well-known saga. The game has fulfilled expectations in many aspects, and should be considered a good title.

Forza Motorsport 5 offers a wide range of 200 cars from 50 different manufacturers, and 14 original circuits, including Spa-Francorchamps, Yas Mina, Bathurst or Circuit de la Sarthe. Compared to the previous installments of this saga, this one brings fewer circuits, car models and manufacturers. In fact, there are some noticeable circuits missing, such as Nürburgring or Sonoma Raceway. Nevertheless, you can download missing circuits and car packs via DLC.

Full Throttle

Forza Motorsport 5 offers realistic driving sensations even if you play using a regular controller instead of a racing wheel. Every single featured car has its own unique appearance and behavior on the asphalt. This is one of the most outstanding features of this release, as it perfectly recreates the way in which a specific car should be driven. You will have to get used to the way cars drift using physics, the performance of your engine and even the way in which hits affect the behavior of your car. However, this title doesn’t require the best driving skills to be played. In fact the opposite is true; the game will automatically adapt to your skill level so it doesn’t become too difficult.

Every single featured car has its own unique appearance and behavior on the asphalt.

This release also offers the Forza Vista mode seen in the previous installment. With this car, you will be free to go across the garage discovering every single detail. You will be able to check the outside as well as the inside of the cars (both faithfully recreated). You will also have additional information about the model you are examining, such as its history and mechanical information.

Another feature we should highlight is the implementation of the Drivatar. Opponents are no longer AI controlled bots generated by the title. Instead, they are real people who have driven online and whose driving profiles have been uploaded. Every time you play, your console gathers information about your driving techniques, creating a virtual version of yourself that will become better as you play. This way, your rivals will be profiles that the game downloads from the Internet, so the behavior of every racer will be different. However, you will be free to choose the difficulty level before Forza picks your rivals.

Forza Motorsport 5 Full Version Features

Here you can see some of the features of Forza Motorsport 5:

  • Vast array of cars: enjoy 200 different car models, like the Lamorghini Aventador or La Ferrari
  • Mythic circuits: test your racing skills on some epic circuits, like Silverstone or the Circuit de Catalunya
  • Race against real people: you will compete against other racers thanks to stored driving profiles in the cloud-based Drivatars
  • Multiplayer mode available: Take advantage of Smart Match matchmaking to experience a competitive multiplayer game suited to your skills
  • Stunning detail: the new graphics engine offers true-to-life characteristics of thousands of materials such as metal, glass, rubber or leather
  • Forza Vista: enjoy admiring every detail of your car and learn new things about craftsmanship, history and the potential of every car

If you are interested in Forza Motorsport 5 and you need more information before you download it from your Xbox One, feel free to check the official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to run this title are:

  • Operating System: Xbox One