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rescue all the pets and become animals best friends before the time is up

By Frank Kanyua

On Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pet rescue saga is a android apk game which is both very interesting and addictive. The offers a very strategic way to rescue pets from on top blocks. You nee to match all the block colours inorder to complete the game. As you match the colours those specific blocks will be demolished and you will be one step closer to completing your mission. Not all game levels will aim for you to rescue the pets, some will have you rscue 10 pets, some 20 pets, others will aim for you to demolish each and every single block, some will aim for you to reach a specified score. The will have you use up all your brain juice to figure out which game is which even though a pop up alwasy appears hinting you on the aim of the level you are in.

The pets include doves or pegeons, puppies, cats and i think i once saw a turtle. Some of the levels will have blocks hidden inside case sensitive boxes and can only be removed by using a bomb or firework to loosen the outer box. As the game continues you will be offered some tokens in form of keys, hammers, extra fireworks and bombs and others things which will be essential to the game.

There are blocks which are sealed and have to be unlocked using keys, this keys are found in some blocks but can only be used once the block has touched the ground.

Hence this game will offer much more than your same old game, the creators of pet rescue have also launched other games that also give the feel of pet rescue but are more interesting.

Now the game will not allow you to keep on repeating the same trial errors, so it has been designed to give you a break to think out your next strategy, after 5 to 10 trials the game will automatically tell you that you are out of live and have to wait some seconds to a few minutes for them to be resolved. After which you can enjoy the game just like you did before. You can also share your scores and advancment with friends on facebook..


  • the game is free of charge
  • Some pets just dont want to be rescued
  • you are able to connect with fb friends


  • the game is too addictive
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Match blocks and animals with such an interesting pet rescue saga game

By Shikoh Kariuki

On Monday, September 8, 2014

In pet rescue you match blocks and save the animals that are on the top of the screen unlike in candy crush where you match candies together. Though the two games are like an adventure. Pet rescue ensures that you let the animals go up to the bottom of the screen to free.

The game is challenging because the further you go the harder it becomes and these leads to brainstorming. In some level you will be required to save the pet with limited number of moves that may even demotivate you to go on with the game. I remember once I spent nearly a month on one level and I was contemplating on uninstalling the game but I changed my mind and I put more effort and I was lucky enough to go ahead after too much trying.

The game has special blocks that help you complete hard levels. The special blocks are like the bombs, fenced blocks, blocks that are locked and with keys. In some levels you have to reach a maximum score with very few moves. There are also some busting colored blocks that eliminate cats and dogs. If you have extra blocks after a level then you’re lucky you get bonus points. The game also has lives that when you lose all of them then you have to wait for more lives after some time. The game also has boosters like those that destroy columns, block buster’s that hammers the blocks you chose. It is a very hard game to play but it is very interesting since it makes you struggle to complete the levels.


  • It is an interesting game that kills boredom
  • It is an advancement from the monotonous fams heros saga and candy crush


  • It is a very difficult game to play.
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If you are a fan of animals and Android games, now you can have fun with this game

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Monday, April 11, 2016

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, Pet Rescue Saga arrives.

Pet Rescue Saga, as its title indicates, the idea is that you can rescue as many pets. You will have to combine blocks (two or more) of same colors, so you'll be getting stars and save the animals.

When you complete the required amount of stars you can overcome the level and move on to the next, to continue rescuing the animals. The difficulty increases and the amount of pet rescue also as you go from level.

This game features over a thousand levels that will have to overcome as you rescue all animals.

The game Pet Rescue Saga is a really entertaining game and we believe it is time to move from farming game animal games like this because it is well worth both as design and gameplay fun

In short, a very entertaining game but slightly limited and linear, try for yourself the Pet Rescue Saga and know of what we speak..


  • This game features many levels
  • Not a very difficult game


  • It can become very repetitive and linear
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After its popular Candy Crush Saga, has released its new adventure: Pet Rescue Saga. This game has a similar gameplay to its predecessor; it is a match-three puzzle. This time, rather than swapping objects you swap cascading blocks. Colored blocks fill the screen, and you have to match them in order to help free the little animals at the top of the screen. Get them to the exit at the bottom to complete the level. The game starts off simple, but as you advance it becomes much more difficult.

There are tons of levels to play, and the levels are set in several enjoyable settings as you travel through this adventure. Oftentimes matching blocks is not enough, there are certain levels that require that you overcome other challenges. For example, in some levels you have to save the pets with a limited number of moves, while in others you have to clear the whole board or in an expansive scrolling level, you have to follow a specific path to the exit.

This block-based puzzle game has also some special blocks and items that help you finish the level. There are bombs, wood blockades, locked blocks with keys, pets in carriers or fenced in blocks. Some of them can help you destroy blocks, such as the bomb, and others increase the challenge of completing a level.

Gameplay and Boosters

Not all levels are the same. Each level has a main objective apart of saving virtual pets from the snatchers. Of course, you have to save as many animals as you can but for example, by clearing at least 80 % of the blocks. In other levels you have to reach a minimum score, or simply clean the screen with a limited number of moves. Beware! Sometimes busting like-colored blocks can eliminate cats and dogs. If you manage to complete a level with leftover blocks or moves, you will get bonus points.

If you manage to complete a level with leftover blocks or moves, you will get bonus points

If you fail a level, you will lose a life. Lives regenerate every 30 minutes, but if you are too impatient, you can purchase lives with real money. The well-known boosters from the Candy Crush Saga are found in this adventure too. They start appearing at level 6, and they can be earned by finishing levels or by purchasing them. Boosters vary from the Mesh Mash Booster that removes cages, the Line Blaster that lets you take out a line, the Color Pop Booster, which lets you remove a color from the board, Rocket Boosters, which destroy columns, or Block Busters, which hammer away the block you choose.

Pet Rescue Saga Features

Below are some unique features of Pet Rescue Saga:

  • Colorful and delightful graphics
  • Puppies, kittens, bunnies, and piggies are waiting for you to save them
  • Boosters to help you complete levels
  • 297 levels to play and enjoy
  • Purchase option for boosters or lives
  • Increasing difficulty: more difficult as you complete levels
  • Plenty of challenging items to make the adventure more complex
  • Animal Cages, Diamonds, Bombs and other special blocks will increase the challenge
  • Compare your scores with your opponents on the leaderboard

If you are interested in Pet Rescue Saga and want more information about this puzzle adventure before you download it, please visit .

System Requirements

Minimum system requirements to download Pet Rescue Saga to your Android device are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2 FroYo or better
  • Free Space: 47 MB

Minimum system requirements to download Pet Rescue Saga to your iOS device are:

  • Operating System: iOS 4.3 or better
  • Free Space: 46.7 MB