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Ryse: Son of Rome one of the flagship titles of Xbox One that seeks to show the graphic quality that can reach the new console.

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The only reason to enjoy Ryse is a visual spectacle, which meets and exceeds its function to show what he is capable Xbox One. The graphics are very impressive and we really epic moments give away any lover will enjoy this facet of the game, it's a great preview of what we see in the coming years. However, the combat system was a mistake that was seen coming almost from the beginning. Use QTE so widespread without also contribute absolutely nothing beyond visual spectacle is wrong, and establish a combat system so limited that can be resolved bases paused combinations of four buttons is something that does not fit when compared with the wealth and the exciting possibilities that allow games like bases as those of Arkham. It is important to simplify and open the doors to all kinds of players, but there is a point where accessibility is detrimental to the game itself and Ryse is a good example. Neither the story nor the characters attract attention, so everything is in a passenger entertainment that makes sense as a demonstration of the new console from Microsoft and a testament to the ability of Crytek for outstanding graphics. It's a shame that the results in terms of game mechanics themselves are not nearly the same level.


  • The graphics are outstanding and of very good quality.
  • Model of faces and facial animations.


  • Extremely linear and lacking in variety development.




Ryse: Son of Rome is an action-adventure videogame released by Crytek for the new Xbox One. The game uses the fourth generation Cryengine graphics engine, which was also used for the Crysis saga with outstanding results. This release is exclusive for Xbox One, and it will not be available for other platforms. Users can buy a season pass to download all the additional content that will be released for the title for free.

This third-person game will take us to ancient Rome, where we will play the role of Marcus Titus, a merciless Roman general who tries to defend Rome from the barbarian invasion in a mature adventure full of drama, epic battles, glory and classical mythology that every single fan of the genre will inevitably love.

The die has been cast

Ryse: Son of Rome is set using an alternative timeline, as it is not historically accurate. The best aspect of this release is its graphic display and the environment recreation. This new title shows us the potential for next-generation consoles, and it immerses us in a true-to-life Roman Empire. This cinematographic orientation is directly translated in to our gameplay experience, with results that will not leave players indifferent. In Ryse, our objectives are shown on the screen and, even when the scenarios are huge and the historical recreation is excellent, our main character is limited in his exploration or investigation. This title also brings loads of in-game cinematic scenes that narrate this ancient story.

This new title shows us the potential for next-generation consoles and it immerses us in a true-to-life Roman Empire.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend hours just watching your screen while you admire the beauty of the Empire, as the combat system will keep you busy for hours. It may seem simple at first, but it is really addictive and it poses a true challenge when played in higher difficulty levels. You can attack your enemies hitting X, perform a hard strike with Y, dodge enemy blows using B and block their attacks with A. You can enjoy massive combats in which you will have to stay sharp, attacking but also protecting yourself to be successful in different situations. Moreover, you will be free to perform stunning executions, with more than 100 different actions available thanks to quick-time events.

Combat system is simple and addictive
Combat system is simple and addictive

Ryse: Son of Rome Full Version Features

Here are some of the features of this title:

  • Fully immersive gameplay: enjoy a magnificent and ancient empire while you discover new lands and battlefields, powered by the new Cryengine graphics engine
  • Mass Combats: face loads of enemies simultaneously with its addictive combat system
  • Deadly Executions: get rid of weakened enemies by completing quick time events which will end with their brutal execution
  • Control with Kinect: command your legionaries using your voice with Xbox Kinect and become a true general
  • Focus Mode: perform slow-motion movements to destroy your enemies in combat before they realize you are hitting them
  • Improve your skills: Marcus will level up as the game progresses, allowing you to customize his skills. You will be able to increase your health, your focus or your combat abilities
  • Expansions incoming: download additional content for the title with the Season pack, which enables you to get every DLC launched for Ryse

If you are interested in this title and you need some more information before you get it for your Xbox, feel free to check the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to run this title are listed below:

  • Operating System: Xbox One