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Rayman Jungle Run 2.1.1




The famous mascot of Ubisoft continues to reap success with an exclusive version for iOS devices and Android

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The first thing that draws the attention of this new title is its great graphics, little or nothing to envy to the original Rayman Origins; thanks to the use of the graphics engine owned by Ubisoft UbiArt Framework.

Rayman Jungle Run 2 offer really attractive graphics, with detailed levels and great animations.

We can interact with Rayman to perform four different types of actions: jump, fly, run and hit the wall; each of these skills will be added as we get access to each of the four worlds available. Thus, in the first world only we have to worry about overcoming all kinds of obstacles such as chasms or impossible leaps. In the last world, however, we must combine the four skills of Rayman, greatly hindering the goal of each level, which is none other than us with the maximum amount of possible Lums.

We can not go back and we can only run forward and tirelessly to reach the goal of each phase.

In conclusion it is one of the best autorun of the AppStore and Google Play.


  • Accurate and addictive touch control
  • Lots of extras to unlock


  • The difficulty is not very high
  • The music does get repetitive
Ease to access guides and manuals:




What do you like most about this program?
  • gameplay and graphics and my best character for 2d that is rayman the game is fascinating and delightful to play attractive colors make it more awesome

  • Free download games and more things what you can do but not in the other websites no mind what is this hahaha nono no one have such a big !!


Rayman Jungle Run is the newest adventure of our gaming friend. Ubisoft, in collaboration with PastaGames, has released it for new platforms. Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices can now download and run this game. The game retains the graphic style of previous versions, like Rayman Origins. UbiArt Framework Engine is responsible for powering Rayman Jungle Run, and Retina Display provides the graphics. This adventure has won several awards, including Game of the Year. It is a 2D side-scrolling platform game where you can jump or attack to destroy your enemies or release your friends from prison.

In this adventure, our limbless hero has returned, running, bouncing on limes, jumping on cocktail umbrellas, climbing trees, and flying. Enjoy colorful and sometimes chaotic scenarios and settings. Playing this app is very easy, as Rayman Jungle Run explains what to do in the first levels to help you out. In addition, the movements are touch-based and very simple to carry out.

Our limbless hero has returned in this adventure, running, bouncing on limes, jumping on cocktail umbrellas, climbing trees, and flying

Just enjoy and watch what happens

As previously mentioned, the gameplay of this app is very simple and the moves are very easy to perform. Our friend Rayman automatically runs along the level; tap on the screen if you want him to jump, or double tap if you want him to helicopter. You can also perform wall running with the buttons that appear on the screen. Rayman can defend himself by tapping on the button in the left corner of your device screen.

The goal of each level is to get as many Lums as you can while running through the level. 6300 Lums are available, and you have to get them all if you want to beat the game and unlock special items such as new wallpapers. Skull Coins and Skull Teeth are not forgotten in this mobile version, with more colors than in the previous installments. Blue and Green Skull Teeth will appear this time, and you can use them to unlock the Land of the Livid Dead. But don’t think that these levels are a gift; they are much harder than the normal ones, and without Lums. Replayability is present in this adventure. You can repeat levels in order to beat your own scores. If you manage to get the ten Red Skull Teeth, a cinematic scene will appear showing the Grim Reaper, with all his teeth in the right place.

Rayman Jungle Run has four sections, and available updates provide three more, for a total of sections 7 to play. In each section, one of the Rayman's abilities will become more important. Each section has ten levels. You have to successfully finish nine of them to unlock the tenth.

Rayman Jungle Run 2.1.1 Features

The unique features of Rayman Jungle Run are listed below:

  • Excellent graphics provided by Retina Display
  • Enjoy seventy levels divided into seven worlds with amazing landscapes
  • The challenging levels of the Land of the Livid Dead are available once unlocked
  • Unlock new powers and abilities
  • Auto-runner and side-scrolling and platform gameplay
  • Captivating soundtrack
  • Save you scores on the Gamecenter Cloud Leaderboards
  • Play as Globox or the Bad Raymans
  • Unlock wallpapers for your device

If you are interested in Rayman Jungle Run and you want more information about it before you download it, feel free to visit the developer's website .

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to properly download and play this app in your Android device are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread or better
  • Free Space: 104 MB

If you want to use it on your iOS device, the minimum system requirements are:

  • Operating System: iOS 5.0 or better
  • Free Space: 49.4 MB