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For what are you going to use the program?
  • test a new program using windows 10 as an OS. WHy do you need to write too long message for nothing? It is very useless as people will wirte nothing

  • Try out certain apps since I do not currently own a smart phone or tablet and I am not willing to spend money getting one simply for particular apps I might be interested in

  • testing my own android softwares which i develop also is part of my leaning about different emulators that may run on windows platform thats a

  • for an emulator, for my own personal pleasure, and i might jerk off to it, is that alright mr.Website question asker? and this requires too many characters

  • playing games and social media and also to have an offline bible that i can use whenever am using my laptop. Then also because i am bored in class at times

What similar programs have you used?
  • windroy old version of it i wish thiswork well because am tired of the error it always write to me. please work on your app very well. thanks

  • new version of BlueStacks application but it interrupt while using and need to fixing that its boring for me any time now i want to use windroy

  • I have tried using pc droid buyt i was not pleased with the functionality. and required installation on my hard disk which created problems for me

  • I have used Bluestacks earlier. But now it is not starting. So i thought of finding another similar software and found this software Windroy

  • bluestacks program used by wimdows and its very good to use but I want to see which is better than this. Someone recommended windroy and i wana see it

What do you like most about this program?
  • this program is user friendly, so light, easy to use, free and compatible with any device that everyone would have nowadays. Really emjoy using this..TQ

  • want to try to use it for tv/sport apps, although there is no sound/audio available yet in this version! Good bye and may God bless everyone!

  • can run whatsapp and a lot of android apps that are usefull and not on pc. I dont know if i k=trust this download..never had to type a friggy

  • What I like about this program is how I could have it on computer, therefore that makes it very easy to access. I can download most apps I choose

  • running on windows is a good thing and i like it, thank you very much i love you guys always and forever every day international all over my body


Windroy is a utility that lets you run the Android operating system on your computer without difficulty. It doesn’t just act as if it were an emulator, but Windroy runs the OS just like a regular application. This detail is one of the strongest points of this software: it takes full advantage of your computer’s hardware, instead of wasting memory and resources trying to emulate a whole Operating System.

it takes full advantage of your computer’s hardware instead of wasting memory and resources

The main reason for downloading this application is its high compatibility with native Android Apps that you can get from different market repositories. You will be able to try any kind of APK file, and install it directly on Windroy to try it on a more powerful system than a mobile phone’s. This way, the performance of the applications is increased due to the use of the computer’s power instead of that of a smartphone or a tablet. This also allows you to apply higher resolutions to play your favorite games.

Once you get Windroy installed you will see that it doesn't include Play Store Market by default, but you can get around that easily by just getting the Apps you want in APK format. Another issue we found during the testing of Windroy is that there is no possibility of changing the screen’s resolution. This can be very annoying for people who want to work with several programs at the same time as this Android emulator, but it’s easily solved by changing it to Windowed mode.

User’s approach

The UI (User Interface) is just the same as you will find in Android 4.0.3 Smartphone models. If you don’t have any touch-surface like a tablet, you will need to use your mouse to simulate your hand movements. In other words, the pointer is your finger. This can be confusing if you try to scroll down menus, since it won’t work. You need to drag pages in order to move them, and that makes it unintuitive. Other similar programs such as Bluestacks adapt their interface to the target device, so it is an issue that can be easily improved.

This Android emulator works in a similar way to Virtualbox for Windows’ systems: Windroy runs the mobile OS without any kind of emulation or disk partition. It handles the operations just like a regular program. This fact makes it greedy for consuming your computer’s resources to run the external system, but it acts pretty well with most recent computers.

Windroy 4.0.3 Features

These are the main features you can find in Windroy:

  • Runs Android 4.0.3r1, which makes it compatible with most of the Apps actually on the market
  • Takes advantage of your computer’s hardware, running a complete Android Operating System exactly as it is meant to be
  • Work alternatively with your Windows and Android applications at the same time, like Windows Media Player or diverse Flash programs
  • Full-Screen and Windowed mode, with the ability to switch between them at any time
  • It supports standard controlling devices (keyboard and mouse) and advanced remote controls, such as a tablets
  • Internet connection through Ethernet, and support for Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet for local area networks

If you want to learn more about this application, feel free to check the developer’s website.

System Requirements

Here you can find the system requirements that your computer must meet before downloading Windroy:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista or later
  • Processor: 800MHz or faster
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • HDD: 273 MB free space on disk