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One of the most powerful 3D tools gets upgraded once again

By Ellie Teller

On Thursday, August 20, 2015

Autodesk Maya is one of the best known 3D programs out there for some good reasons, it’s intuitive, it has a vast array of tools and its rendering engine is fast as lightning. This is why Autodesk Maya is one of the most used programs for game development, special effects and broadcast.

The program has evolved several times, becoming more and more intuitive and accessible with each version. Maya 2014 has everything you need whether you want to sculpt and model, animate or simply create primitive shapes for reference. It also has a strong built-in hypershade, which allows the user to apply textures and manage all the adjustments needed to achieve a professional outcome. Other features such as the Booleans and the polygons have been also enhanced for this version, behaving better in difficult situations and being easier to deal with. Last but not least, its physics simulator also got improved, so now you can get better results when you mess around with solid bodies and colliders. Have fun!


  • Loads of tools have been enhanced. Better renderer
  • Physics simulator has been greatly improved


  • As all specific programs, it takes some time to get used to its workflow
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Autodesk MAYA 2014 is one good program for professional animation.

By Joseph Wachira

On Tuesday, March 17, 2015

After twenty years of working on particles and animation, Maya has become the next 3D generation program. It is well known in the 3D world for being the most used software for broadcasting and game developing. With its creation tools and improved physics and flow, it has proved to be one of the most important 3D programs of all times. The introduction of new tools has made its use easier and faster. Among other features are like the Grease pencil which generate your 2D sketches to guide your 3D movements, pain effect, surface and volume attributes, scene management and assembly tools among others.

For efficiency and excellent in your 3D animation for television, Autodesk Maya is your trusted choice of program to go with. It is never disappointing.

Some of the requirements are like Windows 7 professional, 62-bit Intel or AMD multi-core, RAM of at list 4GB, 2 GB free disk space, a 3-button mouse is recommended.


  • It has a higher speed performance than before.
  • Has a team of dedicated developers.
  • The users can preview their artwork in real-time.


  • It is still difficult and expensive in the market.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for make different animations and also a student purpose because i wany to do some thing diffgerent my friends are all using maya so i want to download

  • I intend to delve into architecture,entertainment,learning,character drawing,planning, and other new things. Please help my dream come true.

  • i am interested for graphic artistic and paintings then i like to use this cad for to do drawing of person face. So i believe that i can learn

  • I'll try my best to create and animate my very own model of a dragon/dinosaur/creature to use in future. Not going to make any money from it

  • i am going to use this program my self and learn new things, actually i heard very positive words regarding the maya software, so i thought it is help ful us

What similar programs have you used?
  • i havent use any software like this autodesk maya 2016 i am using this to practicing 3d animation for class projects so let me download this

  • No, i'm a student. I never used maya.So I want to learn and i hve no knowledge about this soft ware fds jhfe fejbfs uhfdsbiu jfe uff vuhgre oijfr.

  • z brush cinema 4d 3ds max and others conneries qui font que je peux télécharger le software gratuitement; ERROR TEXT is too short 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

  • adobe photo shop cs7 i like this softwear but idont know all the editing facilitys are totaly that software can do.and it is perfectly running well.

  • No,I have not a similar programs.This is my first animation program.I hope to improve my computer knowledge using autodesk maya 2016.Thanks for this service.

What do you like most about this program?
  • Character Creation, since it allows me to create things that not a lot of people have done before, and stuff that would help in the future of everyone.

  • i like this program bacause it gives the ability of creativity to anything one does. the mind is the limit to any ideas which can be made real

  • I like maya for its versatility, customisation, power. It's industry standard for a reason. Fantastic software. Using up 20 more letters !!!

  • i am new come on maya ive been using blender for a while so i want to start learning maya as it is used on industries just incase i get a job

  • i havent tried any of this software before - it has been recommended to my daughter for doing animation. time will tell if she is happy or not


After twenty years working on particles and animation to give the best results, Maya becomes the next 3D generation program with an update full of enhancements and novelties. Maya is well known in the 3D world for being one of the most used softwares for broadcast, SFX and game development.

After Autodesk’s 3D software inception, some people thought that the battle between 3ds Max and Maya was finished, but actually both programs are living together in harmony and improving their weakest fields by learning from each other. With better modelling creation tools and improved physics and flow, the software has become one of the most important 3D programs of all time.

How to use

Autodesk MAYA 2014 is the latest version in the visual effect industry and has learned how to evolve into an easier and more accessible program. With the addition to DirectX 11 (as on the rest of the Autodesk Suite’s programs) and Viewport 2.0, the users can preview their artwork in real-time, improving the workflow tremendously. Mixed with all the modelling additions, (Booleans, enhanced UVs work and surface modeling) there is included new retopology toolsets that make 3D creation easier and faster, something that Maya users were complaining about for a really long time.

Even though the program is still the most difficult and expensive in the market, all the animation and fluid functions make it worthy. Autodesk MAYA 2014 has been used on blockbusters such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and The Matrix and is a must learn for all designers and animators all around the world. Maya 2014 is a complete 3D program and probably the most rounded choice considering all the possibilities that it offers. Completely integrated on Autodesk Suite, it works perfectly with Mudbox and Mental Ray 2014.

New modelling tools and workflow
New modelling tools and workflow

Autodesk MAYA 2016 Features

Find the latest novelties on this version:

  • Grease pencil. Generate your 2D animation sketches to guide your 3D movements
  • Enhanced animation and creation tools
  • Improved modelling workflow. Better Booleans, polygons, surface and retopology toolset
  • New and integrated renderers
  • Paint effects include surface and volume attributes
  • Enhanced nHair, nCloth, nParticles and Fluid Effects. Much more realistic physic simulations
  • New data and scene management and assembly tools

For more information about the program or the Autodesk Suite, before the download, please check the developer’s website .

System requirements

This is an Autodesk MAYA 2014 free 30-day trial version, but before the download, please check the minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Professional edition
  • Processor: 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core
  • RAM: minimum 4GB
  • HDD: 2GB free disk space
  • A 3-button mouse is recommended
  • Internet connection will be necessary for product activation and other services

For information about the graphic card, please refer to the developer’s hardware .

Grease Pencil to help you on your animations
Grease Pencil to help you on your animations

  • The most used program for professional 3D design
  • New tools and novelties
  • Faster than before and is (finally) able to fully preview the art work in real-time
  • Still a really high learning curve
  • The price. Is still the most expensive program of this genre