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If you are starting off or in the 3d industry then you better test out this anime tool

By Frank Kanyua

On Friday, June 12, 2015

During animation character modelling you will be met by a number of words which you have to know the meaning of. One of the words is sculpting, this word is mainly used when dealing with clay or objects that you can easily manipulate using you own hands, this isn't always the case since you sometimes have a character you have already modeled using an animation software and you want to edit or sculpt it. Sculpting it wont be hard so by use of other sculpting software you can achieve the sculpt design you want. Some of the sculpt tools used are scupltris and 3d coat. 3d coat works in the same way that sculptris works with only very minor differences between them.

3D coat sculpting is used when you want to add creases , wrinkles and other small details to a character or object. By use of the original character modelling software, some sculpting maybe hard to achieve and that's when you starts using sculpt tools.. 3D coat is based on mainly sculpting and not on character modelling, though you can make characters from scratch by use of this tool.

With use of inbuilt plugins, you only have to import the character you want to sculpt and it will be added to your sculpting screen. You can also use pressure tablets or sculpting tablets to make sculpting easier. The 3d coat comes along with tools that you can use to pinch, scrape or even blob individual points on the character model.


If you are planning to venture into the animation business you will have to use at one point, the sculpting options, Don't be nagged by the variety of software if you don't know which one is the best. Try out 3d coat and if you find it not doing exactly what you expected, then try out sculptris..


  • can be used to modify amines
  • it is easy to understand by use of tutorials


  • it is not free to use
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i'm going to design statue bihind my house for showing my garden very beautifull and very good atfer i'will be replasentable man in the district

  • I am going to use the program to help the community as well as myself by making interesting and awesome skins for Counter Strike Global Offenseive.

What do you like most about this program?
  • This has an Amazing automatic UV layout, and involves just a little sewing and cutting of UV's I also like that it shows real time application of paint on your model

  • animation that are done using this software are awesome and when you wactc it good also that is what i heard from freands so i want to try u


Developed by Pilgway, this program creates organic and hard surfaces from scratch. The idea was to offer different ways of modelling, like topology (automatic or manual), UV (automatic or manual) and re-topology, with a variety of tools and applications. 3D-Coat is specialized in voxel and polygonal sculpting, thanks to the Dinamic Patch Tessellation.

Thanks to the connection plug-in Applink, the program can perfectly work with such famous 3D animation and modelling programs as 3D Max, Maya or Cinema 4D. 3D-Coat is presented in two different versions: a simple version and the professional version, which gives you the opportunity to use full program possibilities and make commercial use of your work.

How to use

3D-Coat is a design application that brings your ideas to life, from simple polygon forms to an organic model or texturized hard surface. The software includes all kind of tools and applications for work on different kind of sculpting and texturizing techniques. 3D-Coat interface is quite like Photoshop, and combines the layer and mask system with personal brushes.

The software uses Disney’s famous Ptex system. This technology is used for production-quality rendering. 3D-Coat offers multiple render sources, such as lights, shadows, and depth of field to bring your creations to life. Re-topology workflow was completed by an innovative option called Auto-Retopology, that allows the user to model by just defining guides for the edge loops. The official website is full of tutorials and tips to download, and a link to its YouTube channel to get help to use the program. Feel free to get into the extensive web-community, where users form all around the world can help you with your work.

The menu display is quite intuitive. Dockable windows can be moved around the screen and saved as a preset to customize your work experience. The program is translated in eight languages and works on different platforms. The 3D acceleration was developed with nVidia CUDA technology that speeds up and enhances sculpting operation. 3D-Coat is compatible with Space-Navigator, a kind of mouse to improve your movements over the 3D space.

Sculpt without restrictions using voxel technology
Sculpt without restrictions using voxel technology

3d-Coat 4.0.04B Features

Check the newest features for 3D-Coat:

  • Voxel sculpting. Forget about constraints and create complex details
  • Paint directly on the mesh without geometry distortion
  • Import all the layer information from and to Photoshop
  • Re-topology and UV-Mapping
  • 3DConnexion Support
  • Nvidia CUDA acceleration to speed up Voxel sculpting workflow
  • Render directly with 3D-Coat

For more information about 3D-Coat, before you download, please check the developers’ website .

Create photo-realistic textures for your models with as many layers as you need.
Create photo-realistic textures for your models with as many layers as you need.

System requirements

Before you download and install the software, please check the minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz or higher
  • RAM: at least 512Mb
  • Hard Disk: minimum of 1GB of free space
  • Video Card: Nvidia 9600 or 5600 with 128Mb or better
  • DirectX 9.0c installed
  • Three button mouse is highly recommended

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Web-community with tips, tutorials and help
  • Supports eight languages
  • Cross-platform editions
  • “Team Fortress 2” free game autocompilation for the Workshop
  • Not as powerful as other 3D modelling programs