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Zombie Killer Squad is a behind-the-back runner videogame developed by Section Studios. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. This release is a combination of zombie shooting and endless running. The app has been developed by two famous YouTube gamers: Seananners and Syndicate . It has become very popular since its launch, reaching the second position in the Top Charts.

The main objective of the game is similar to other lane-based runner apps like Subway Surfers. You have to change lanes so as to avoid crashing into obstacles. The major difference is that there are zombies that you have to kill. Your character is equipped with a shotgun that can be fired just by tapping on the screen, killing the next zombie in your lane. Responsive controls, fast-paced zombie action and obstacles add up to make this a thoroughly entertaining app.

Luke is the starter character, but you can unlock two more
Luke is the starter character, but you can unlock two more

Run for your Life

Running is the most important thing you can do to survive. You have to avoid obstacles and zombies to keep moving forward. If you hit something partially, you will get closer to a pursuer zombie that will catch you if you hit something again. However, if you crash into an obstacle, you will not have a second chance. There are coins scattered all over the place that you can collect to visit the shop later on. You have a limited amount of ammo to destroy zombies, but most of the time you will be able to avoid them by changing lane or jumping over them. Nevertheless, blowing up zombies has an additional value, as they drop items like extra ammo, power-ups, coins or medpacks that you are free to use as extra lives.

The main objective of the game is similar to other lane-based runner titles like Subway Surfers

There are different power-ups such as a coin magnet, a bull rampage, a raven to soar over the horde, or a token that enables your character to ride a specific mount. Those power-ups can be upgraded several times by spending your coins in the shop. You will have to press a virtual button on the right side of your screen to trigger the mount token. Mounts act like a shield: they let you get hit once without ending your game. Each character has its own mount. Luke (the starting character) rides a donkey. Syndicate and Seananners are both unlockable characters, and their mounts are a motorcycle and a huge cat, respectively.

Zombie Killer Squad 1.1 Features

You can check some of the features of Zombie Killer Squad here before you download it:

  • Endless running: run as fast as you can, avoid obstacles and cover the maximum distance
  • Destroy zombies: use your shotgun to eliminate zombies in your lane and collect goodies
  • Power-ups: bulldoze everything in your path, soar over the hordes, or catch every coin using the magnet
  • Unlockable characters: play as Luke or unlock Syndicate and Seananners using in-game currency or real money
  • Unique mounts: ride a donkey, a giant cat or a motorcycle depending on your character

If you are interested in Zombie Killer Squad and want further information before you download it, feel free to check the

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this title are:

  • Operating system: iOS 4.3 or higher/ Android 2.2 or higher
  • Hard disk: 35.2 MB free space available for iOS/ 25 MB available for Android