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Mobogenie 3.3.0

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Transfer files, as well as control the installed apps with this mobile manager.

By Reka Gimbi

On Thursday, January 7, 2016

If you want to control your device's contents, then there is a manager for that work. Mobogenie will do all this for your Android device since it will allow you to control installed apps, transfer files and on a single application you can create backups. Using this mobile manager saves time and data since you can download mobile apps direct from your computer. To manage your device properly you use the My Phone section. Here you can create a backup of your contacts, restore your mobile, save your multimedia contents, and also manage your SD contents. With Mobogenie you will also experience faster speed in data transfer. You can also customize your mobile using the additional sections in Mobogenie. It also allows you to download ringtones directly from this app and with its quality catalog you are able to update your melodies. You can also browse wallpapers and set them on your mobile phone, these include live wallpapers thus increasing your phones quality. From external streaming services, you can look for videos and transfer them to your device. More to that Mobogenie gets your MP3 files and adds them to your music library.

Do not be left behind, get Mobogenie now and have the access of all mobile apps including games, multimedia contents and the rest.


  • Ability to manage your apps.
  • Multimedia transfer rate is high.


  • None to comment on for now.
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Manage all your Android mobile apps and music easily by connecting your phone Mobogenie 3.3.0

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Thursday, August 20, 2015

If you are using a Android powered mobile phone and would like to start enjoying the special features that comes with it in a totally different but interesting way you need to try Mobogenie. With this app users of android phones will be able to manage their phones apps and media in a better way. Imagine being able to control your contact list and even your SMS. These are some of the powers that Mobogenie gives to its users on top of being able to control their music and video files.

With this app users have access to a number of mobile applications including all games and utilities. Users can also connect their mobile phones to computers and be able to download current apps very fast and cheaply. This software comes with a popularity chart that allows users to keep posted on all new multimedia available for download. What even makes this software wonderful is its ability to create backups and be able to restore in case of need.


  • - Allows a fast transfer of files
  • - It is free to download and use
  • - It is very easy to save or delete messages using this software


  • - Requires a lot of RAM memory to install
  • - Supported by android smart phones only
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Manage your whole system with this great application; Mobogenie 3.3.0

By Vowcay Rwigi

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016

You could mange all the functions of your mobile phone very easily. Applications have been developed promising to help you but none can compare with Mobogenie. With this application you will be able to manage your applications, transfer files or even create back ups for the data on your hard disks. You will also get suggestions of new and interesting application. Once you have downloaded and installed this application you will be opened to a great new world of opportunities with better service provision. You will be able to customize your phone. Personalize some aspects of your phone and give them a more personal touch. You will also be able to choose and download wallpapers that will give variety and a unique look to your phone. With the backup feature of Mobogenie you will safeguard your data and files. If you happen to lose it you restore it quickly with the help of this application.


  • You can create a quick restore point for your data.
  • You will have access to free wallpapers and mp3.


  • It may have some annoying pop up notifications.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i basically want to know more things about what is happening new around the world and to get new applications from store and share files to my mobile


  • i'm going to use this for downloading like games, apps,movies,videos,wattpad,ebook,and others app for an android applications. many games that i can download.

  • forentertainment and social media,download pps , etc. for use research video downloads music and games information study education learning.

  • Games and free music and all things needed maybe a few books about lemmy killmister or dealing bad or how to play black jack videos or just

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have also used mobogenie 3.2.0 for three years while working in Garu-Tempane District Assembly in Upper east region of ghana district asse

  • mobogenie,play store,1mobilemarket,facebook,whatsaap,messenger,hangout,angry birds seasons,shadow fight 2,vector,hill climb racing real racing

  • i have used earlier versions of mobogenie but it is long since i used it. And as per now i don't know any other similar program that i can use for the same purpose

What do you like most about this program?

  • updates are always on times withs new features and application for the mobile.i would recomment you to inprove the system every time so that we as users could use it easily

  • I like videos and audios games, education, everything, movies ,songs ,Teledramas, educational programmes, languages, korean language, english

  • instal apk from pc to devices its simple process in incredible you now, i m happy use mobogenie so everyting today, oke good lock tanks brother

  • downloading speed and the it works, it also has virieties of application. i have been using for quite some time now it is a very nice option


Mobogenie is a mobile manager, designed to work with Android devices. It allows users to transfer files, control installed Apps and even create backups in a single application. Connecting your smartphone to Mobogenie will introduce you to a new way of controlling your device's content; not only music and videos, but also your SMS and even your contact list.

One of the benefits of this program is the application manager it includes. You will be able to download trending Apps for your phone through your computer, not only saving time in the process, but also saving costs related to data charges. This way, thanks to the available store, Mobogenie provides all kinds of mobile applications like games or utilities. This section also gives you some recommendations about new applications depending on the previously installed ones and those that are the top apps of the moment.

Connecting your smartphone to Mobogenie will introduce you to a new way of controlling your device's content

The main section, My Phone, provides different tools for managing your Android device properly. Create a backup of your contacts, save your music and videos, restore your mobile in a couple of minutes and manage the content on your SD card. All these functions make Mobogenie a great option in case you decide to control your smartphone with external software. It is true that, with this application, the management of your device is more comfortable than before since it increases the data transferring speed. It is always a good choice to save your personal data so as to avoid losing it due to hardware failures.

Main tools for managing your device
Main tools for managing your device

Multimedia Content

Mobogenie includes some additional sections that are pretty useful for customizing your smartphone. You can personalize your ringtones by downloading them directly from the application. The variety of these musical files is really overwhelming and they are sorted by categories and tags. New ringtones are added frequently, so you can update your personal melodies with its vast catalogue.

Besides this, Mobogenie also allows you to browse wallpapers that can be set directly to your smartphone. Like the Ringtones section, this is also sorted by categories, with the addition of Live Wallpapers. These live wallpapers, once you install them, automatically change the image that is shown, increasing the variety of your phone.

Another one of its main benefits is its multimedia options. Besides getting free ringtones in a click, you can also get new videos from external streaming services. Look for your favorite video and transfer it to your device in order to avoid wasting more Internet data for showing it to your friends. Not only videos, Mobogenie can also obtain your favorite MP3 files for adding to your music library.

A direct view of the application
A direct view of the application's store

Mobogenie 3.3.0 Features

Here you can find the unique characteristics of Mobogenie:

  • Complete management of your free Apps, obtaining and installing them with no costs, as well as, increasing their download speed thanks to your computer’s power
  • Advanced contact management: Edit, create and delete them much quicker than with your smartphone, thanks to faster data access
  • Multimedia files transfer with a high transfer rate and a variety of elements available directly from its own service
  • Discover new ringtones and wallpapers thanks to its popularity charts that give you the latest trends
  • Create backups of your device and restore it in case you need for future situations
  • Fast access to your SD Memory Card, managing its content properly in just a few clicks
  • Save and discard messages from your phone in a quick and tidy way without any kind of problems in the process

If you want to learn more about Mobogenie, you can check its official website by clicking on this link.

System Requirements

Check Mobogenie’s minimum system requirements in this section:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 500 MHz or faster
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • HDD: 61 MB Free space on disk
  • Smartphone with Android OS 2.2 or later