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Hola! Unblocker 1.2.107

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for improving internet and to help in speeding up my downloads plus to secure blocked sits that are useful for me which i can read latest inventories and new technology

What similar programs have you used?
  • I used hotspot shield for some time but the computer became very slow so had ti uninstall it. N ow I need a site unblocker , so trying to install hola

  • hotspot was my favorate program but i am trynng to try another one may be better so if i download and find it good i will keep and tell the others about

  • To improve the Internet and help speed up my downloads in addition to blocking locks that are helpful to me and Related programs is cactus vpn

What do you like most about this program?
  • absolutely good and i like to see video with this programme and i hopw it will be famous with 30 next days people forget the other vpn software

  • easy to open any web browser and so fast i would like keep in pc as a my own application and i will be download as soon as possible then i love it

  • well i like how u can go on other contrys netflixs and see what there watching because watching the same netflix can get boring but thats just me


Hola! Unblocker is a Chrome browser extension that lets you connect to a large number of countries through an enabled proxy in order to avoid Internet controls over your local IP address. In other words, this application allows you to change the IP address that identifies you as connected within a country to other different country. This way you will be able to access content that is not available to you owing to geographical restrictions and also to enter websites that are not available in your region.

This plugin can be considered as a VPN client since it connects you through a proxy server that enables a virtual network. This whole process will make it appear as though you are connected through a different ISP than your existing one. The main focal point about this browser extension is that it is simple to use. The only thing you need to know beforehand is the country which you need to connect to, click on that one, and that’s all.

It changes the IP address that identifies you as connected within a country to a different one

Besides this feature, Hola! Unblocker also enhances your privacy. Thanks to connecting through a secured proxy server, the possibility of being traced or spied on is less likely than with the usual and direct connection. This function makes it highly recommended for those users that want to keep their activity private and not made public public through spyware.

Access to blocked content and more

Hola! Unblocker is mostly used for accessing websites that are not available in your own country, and in case you still can’t access those sites even using this software, there is a solution. This freeware product is designed to be used along with additional user scripts that will avoid webpage blocks and add even more countries to the list. Note that the use of these scripts is not as simple as the other software features, so it must be handled carefully as any advanced program changes may affect your computer.

Despite using a proxy server for connecting to the Internet, the download speed is hardly affected. This way you will be able to surf the Internet virtually the world over without too much difficulty. This makes Hola! Unblocker seriously useful for streaming clips not only from the main global video services, but also from restricted subscription services such as Hulu or Netflix.

List of different available servers and their locations
List of different available servers and their locations

Hola! Unblocker 1.2.107 Features

These are the main features that Hola! Unblocker grants its users:

  • VPN service for appearing to be connected from another country than your real location to avoid regional blocks
  • Possibility of adding new scripts for adding country proxies which are not available by default, increasing the variety of servers
  • Security increased encrypting your personal information in order to avoid spyware
  • It grants access to services that are blocked in many countries due to geographical restrictions
  • Hola! Unblocker speed ups your browsing experience and doesn’t slow down your download speed, making it really useful for streaming video

If you want to get more information about this extension feel free to check its developer’s website.

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for downloading Hola! Unblocker:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 233 MHz or faster
  • HDD: 1 MB free space on disk