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Comodo IceDragon is a web browser based on Mozilla Firefox technology that offers a high browsing speed, as well as full compatibility with all the original extensions of the source program. This new version offers enhanced functions regarding the original source, such as Comodo Secure DNS or the integration of social media network functions.

This updated browser presents a new User Interface that makes it unique, based on the latest version of Firefox, but with a personal touch. Anyway, the usual customization allows you to change the elements you want, as well as using additional skins available for this kind of application. The use of Comodo IceDragon is similar to the competition since all share tab navigation and further extension features.

However, this application includes tools that enhance your security, such as the Virtual Mode that requires an additional free download, and allows you to visit websites in an emulated environment. This way you can avoid online threats from being installed in your system. In order to improve your safety, its multi-layered security keeps intruders away from your sensitive information , such as your personal password, to avoid phishing or other threats.

Website example visited with the browser
Website example visited with the browser

Additional functions

Comodo IceDragon, aside from Virtual Mode, includes the Secure DNS system, which replaces your current DNS and resolves the requests you make with the browser through Comodo’s servers. Besides, this way you are protected against malware attacks due to the high security level the developer grants, which prevents access to malicious webpages. Since security is one of the top Internet concerns, you can be ensured that your personal information is safe with this browser and associated updates.

Besides, IceDragon includes access to Comodo Web Inspector , which analyzes the website you choose to visit, in order to check if it is safe for you. From what we experienced, this function works really well, but it can take too long to check the whole site. Additionally, Comodo IceDragon includes an extension that allows you to share content on Facebook just by signing in.

you can be sure that your personal information is safe with this browser

On the other hand, the browser works very well with Flash Player for all kinds of multimedia content. The Drag&Drop characteristic allows you to play music, images and even videos just by dragging them into the window, no matter if a website is already opened. If you drag other kinds of elements to the right side of the window, a contextual menu will appear with functions such as search in Wikipedia, Translate text or search images, but if you do the same to the left side, another menu will appear allowing you to share content on different social networks.

Comodo IceDragon Features

These are the main features of Comodo IceDragon:

  • Virtual Mode included for surfing the Internet without being affected by external menaces such as spyware and general malware
  • Secure DNS that lets you visit websites through the developer’s server, avoiding unnecessary risks
  • Additional tools such as SiteInspector, which analyzes the webpages you want to while avoiding compromising your own security
  • Faster browsing and downloading speed by operating through its own network instead of through your own ISP servers
  • Fully integrated with social networks, allowing you to share content directly from the web to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, among others
  • Compatible with all Mozilla Firefox extensions and with further software updates available to download

If you want to learn more about Comodo IceDragon, feel free to visit its creator’s website.

Security checked with external tools
Security checked with external tools

System Requirements

These are the requirements for Comodo IceDragon to run it properly on your computer:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Memory: 128 MB of RAM
  • HDD: 40 MB free space on disk